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    Stylish & sustainable

    With a belt made of the noble raw material cork, you're right on trend. Cork is tear-resistant, waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. Our vegan and sustainable belts have a clear shape and look elegant - for women and men of all ages a real eye-catcher!

    Cork belt

    Simaru cork belts are characterized by high quality workmanship and the use of the best, ecologically grown materials. You must have had cork fabric in your hand to feel its special and supple feel. Each belt is unique and individual, as the natural raw material differs in color and grain. Noble, stable buckles round off the design of the durable belts.Our cork belts can be shortened very easily and quickly to any length. So a perfect fit is guaranteed.

    Cork is the 100% vegan alternative to leather. It is particularly robust, dirt- and water-repellent. Unlike leather, cork is extremely light and therefore comfortable to wear. Whether for a business suit for men or a summer dress for women - with Simaru cork belts you always cut a fine figure!

    Cork belts are easy to care for.

    Thanks to the water-repellent property of cork, cork belts are quite easy to clean.

    • First moisten the cork belt with lukewarm water. This softens the dirt particles on the surface of the belt.
    • Then you can rub the belt with a mild detergent such as dish soap or liquid soap and a sponge.
    • Rinse the belt under the tap, for example.
    • Wrap it in a dry cloth for about 15 minutes, which will absorb the remaining moisture including any remaining detergent from the belt surface.
    • Thus, your belt retains its particularly soft feel and natural look!

    Customize belt

    Our cork belts are timelessly chic and go with any outfit. But your personal taste is especially important to us, which is why you can compose your cork belt individually.

    Choose a color, pick a buckle and enter your size and your ideal hip jewelry is ready!  On your marks, fasten the cork belt and of course look good!

    Also be sure to check out our current deals if you want to buy a vegan belt from Simaru.

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