About us

Simaru® stands for high-quality, sustainable and innovative lifestyle accessories. Durability and quality are especially close to our hearts, which is why we attach great importance to particularly high-quality materials. So we rely on vegetable tanned leather & unique vegan alternatives.

"We are whatever we do."

Aristotle spoke from our soul. Every person is important, but we believe even more important is what people do. On this page, you'll learn about the values and ideals that shape and drive the people behind Simaru.

What is important to us

Sustainability for all

Since its founding in 2010, Simaru has stood for sustainable fashion & accessories and our core idea has not changed since then. We want to offer sustainable and high quality products at fair prices, making them accessible to a wide audience. In our opinion, sustainable fashion should not be an exclusive good for the slightly larger purse, but should be made possible for everyone.  

Social responsibility

Sustainability also means ensuring fair working conditions for all employees in the company. We pay our employees in an exemplary manner and have been working with family-owned businesses for a long time. This creates a pleasant working atmosphere with satisfied & motivated employees who stand behind Simaru and our products 100 percent. 

From raw material to packaging

For us, sustainability does not stop with the finished product. From the constantly renewable bark of the cork oak, to vegetable-tanned leather without environmentally harmful chemicals, to the shortest possible transport routes, to environmentally friendly packaging - we are constantly exploring new ways to make our products as sustainable as possible. 

From the Simaru founders

It should be a matter of course for every customer to be allowed to consume sustainably.

Pablo Pajares

Thanks to the high quality of the materials and workmanship, our products are extremely durable - a decisive factor for us when it comes to sustainability.

Lukas Dornstädter
Women Cork Wallet "Classic"
Women Cork Wallet "Maja"
Cork Wallet for Women
Premium Cork Wallet for Men
Cork Leather Wallet for Men with RFID Protection

Less is more

Simaru is committed to conscious consumption in the style of slow fashion. Therefore, durability plays a central role in the manufacture of our products. A product that lasts a long time and does not have to be bought new every few months saves resources and our environment.