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    Whoever uses cork lives sustainably!

    "Back to nature" - with hardly any material this guiding principle hits the nail on the head as with cork. In times of finite raw materials and scarce resources, cork is a true "game changer" in the processing industry. The bark of the cork oak grows back up to 20 times, the trees live up to 200 years and do not have to be felled to harvest the bark. On the contrary, the trees are peeled only once a decade, leaving them entirely undamaged!

    Cork is a true natural material that we humans can use with a clear conscience. If used responsibly, cork will be available to us endlessly and make a significant contribution to our standard of living. Those who use cork not only think sustainably, but live sustainably!

    Material without limits


    Cork or cork fabric is the vegan alternative to leather. More and more fashion manufacturers rely on the unique, particularly robust and natural material. It is a very soft and comfortable to wear raw material. Cork leather can be processed in many ways, e.g. into garments, bags, purses or belts. Cork is also becoming increasingly popular in the field of interior design and is ideal for carpets, furniture covers, table runners or tableware bases.

    Even in ancient times, people knew about the useful properties of cork and used the material for their shoes, for example. Today, we mainly enjoy the natural look, durability and comfortable feel. Gently treated cork does not cause allergic skin reactions - another plus!

    Thanks to its water-repellent property, cork is also extremely easy to maintain. For tricks and tips on proper cork care, follow this link to our support section:

    Easy to work with - try it!

    Because cork fabric is so soft and pliable, it is very easy to work with. Whether you are an amateur or professional tailor, hobbyist or other creative mind - with scissors, cutter and sewing machine you can implement all your ideas and wishes in the field of cork processing.

    With us you get cork & cork fabric of the best quality in yard goods at a fair price. Just try it out - your imagination is not limited! You can cut cork, sew (even by hand), embroider, glue, paint, rivet, iron, punch and much more. The result will surprise you. Despite the ease of processing cork products are robust and stable - a unique combination.

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