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    69 products

    Bracelets for men: timeless chic

    Men and jewelry don't always go together. A wristwatch on the left wrist, a wedding ring on the right hand and maybe a chain around the neck - for many men these accessories are the highest of feelings.

    But a look back shows that men's jewelry has always been a fixed and important part of men's fashion. Even in ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece, bracelets, bangles & bracelets adorned male wrists and were an expression of power, fame and wealth. And today is no different.

    Men who wear bracelets want to communicate ewtas to their environment. For example, the attachment to a place or to other people, but perhaps also something about their own personality, a discreet insight into private life.

    With our leather bracelets you can continue the course of history and express your personality, stylish & powerful at the same time!

    Leather bracelets: For a good feeling on the skin

    Bracelets are made of a wide variety of materials, but hardly any material offers as many advantages as leather. The natural look, the comfortable feel and the long durability are just a few points that make leather bracelets so popular.

    Vegetable tanned genuine leather

    The high-quality leather for our bracelets is exclusively vegetable tanned, whereby we do without chemicals and other harmful substances. Thus, the environment is not additionally burdened and your skin is protected from allergic reactions at the same time.

    Sustainable & environmentally conscious through slow fashion

    Leather is a particularly resistant & robust material and gains visual appeal with increasing durability. If you consciously choose a durable leather bracelet, you help to protect our environment and natural resources. Because instead of regularly buying new products that wear out quickly and break after only a short time, you can wear our high-quality processed leather bracelets forever.

    Comfortable to wear

    Leather is a soft and natural material that feels especially comfortable on the skin. No scratching and no itching - our leather bracelets hug your wrist and are especially comfortable to wear.


    Braided & wrapped.

    Not every leather bracelet is the same and not every piece of jewelry fits every outfit. That's why we have developed the most different designs for your indivduellen style. You will find braided leather bracelets, single and multiple wrapped bracelets and various colors in the typical, natural leather look. So roll up your sleeves and look good!

    Magnetic closure - it could not be easier

    Who doesn't know the problem? Should I take off my genuine leather bracelet before showering or leave it on? Does this bracelet match my outfit today or should I rather put on another one? Often this question is taken away from you by the type of clasp. With the practical & high-quality magnetic clasp, this question will be taken away from you in the future and you can put on and take off your leather bracelet in seconds. The modern magnetic clasp of our leather bracelets is also available with engraving (Simaru logo).

    Alternatively, you can of course find bracelets with a classic snap closure or tie in the Simaru store.

    Left or right? Or even on both wrists?

    A fundamental question when wearing bracelets is the choice of wrist and here all doors are open to you. If you wear a watch, you may prefer to wear your bracelet on your other, free wrist. But even on your watch wrist, a thinner, finer bracelet often looks great.

    If you want to wear bracelets on both wrists, pay attention to the visual weight. Perhaps wear a more dominant bracelet or bracelets on one side than on the other.

    Also think about which hand is your dominant hand. With which hand do you basically do more? Maybe you should put your bracelet around the other wrist, where it doesn't bother you, for example, when you're working.

    In principle, you have two arms, so use them. There are no limits to your imagination here.

    The right size of your leather bracelet

    For perfect wearing comfort, the right size of the bracelet is crucial. After all, the leather bracelet should not slip back and forth on your wrist, but also not cut off your wrist. So that your leather bracelet is not too tight and not too loose, we offer you different sizes and also have size-adjustable leather bracelets in the assortment.

    Easily measure your wrist circumference

    To make sure that you choose the right size when buying your leather bracelet, we recommend that you measure the circumference of your wrists. These can be quite different, so you should measure the circumference on both arms.

    To do this, you can simply take a tape measure or put a conventional ribbon, shoelace, paper strip, etc. around your wrist and then measure the length with a ruler or folding rule.

    When measuring, it is important that you wrap the tape measure tightly around your wrist without cutting it off. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to easily slip a finger between your wrist and the bracelet for the best possible comfort. Also, any bracelet should be comfortable to wear under a long-sleeved top.

    Once you have measured your wrist circumference, you can order the bracelet in your appropriate size in the menu selection. If you have a limit for example between 17 and 18 centimeters (e.g. 17.5 or 17.6 cm), it is better to choose the larger size (in this case size L).

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