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    Find the right tobacco bag

    Rolling cigarettes is much more than the mere satisfaction of a need. The moist tobacco between the fingers, the careful moistening of the paper and the sensitive rolling of the perfect cigarette increase the anticipation of smoking. Rolling your own cigarettes is a way of life, almost an art form, that focuses on the conscious consumption of a product. Each cigarette is as individual as the person rolling it themselves and so should the tobacco pouch be.

    So that you too can enjoy the full pleasure of your self-rolled cigarettes, we have developed for you the right rolling bags made of various materials and in a wide range of variants.

    Tobacco pouch in all sizes

    You need a handy tobacco bag for 30 gram tobacco, 35 gram tobacco or even 40 gram tobacco? It should fit in the pocket of your jeans, in your jacket pocket or handbag? No problem. Simaru tobacco pouches made of leather, cork and other fabrics are available in large and small, suitable for all popular brands. You can store the complete cigarette tobacco pouch in our matching tobacco pouches or put the tobacco loose in the twist pouch. There is something for every taste!

    Lighter, filter, leaf: All in one swivel bag

    "There is no smoke without fire" - that's why our compact tobacco pouches have room for all the necessary features you need to smoke. In various extra compartments you can store your lighter, your filters and your leaflets in single or double packs.

    There's hardly anything more annoying for a turner than paper, longpapes, filters and tobacco flying around loose in the bag. Our rolling bags have lighter compartments, filter compartments and paper compartments so that your smoking accessories are always organized and ready to hand.

    Closed tightly: Elastic band, zipper & magnetic closure

    So that nothing falls out of your tobacco bag, we have designed models with different closures. Replaceable elastic bands, high-quality zipper, practical magnetic closure or simple push button - the choice is yours!

    Especially popular are our different colored wrapping tapes, with which you can close your tobacco bag quickly and easily. You can easily replace the closure band yourself and give your tobacco pouch a new look.

    Durable & water repellent - so your tobacco stays fresh for a long time

    A smoker smokes in wind and weather and therefore the tobacco bag must also meet adverse conditions. Our tobacco bags made of leather and cork are particularly robust, durable and water-repellent and protect the contents from external influences. So your tobacco stays moist and filter & paper dry at the same time - a perfect combination!


    Leather tobacco bags

    Like all Simaru leather products, our leather tobacco bags are made of high quality and vegetable tanned natural leather and offer the ideal protection for your tobacco and smoking accessories. The genuine leather in vintage look is especially soft and feels fantastic. Plus, the typical leather smell that makes our custom leather tobacco bags so unique. Durable, fairly & environmentally friendly produced in Europe, they keep your tobacco moist and fresh for a long time and protect it from drying out.

    Tips for cleaning and care of your leather tobacco bag

    In order to enjoy your leather tobacco bag for as long as possible, you should care for it regularly. What is good for the skin is good for the leather. You can rub our leather swivel bags with common leather care products such as beeswax, leather oil or leather grease after wiping them with a damp cloth. Cleaning once a week is enough to keep the shine and soft feeling for a long time.

    Cork tobacco bags - everything you need to know

    The vegan alternative - ecological and climate friendly

    Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region in countries such as Portugal and Spain. Cork oak forests are a unique habitat and also play an important and major role in ecological processes such as CO2 storage.

    Therefore, it is all the better that the trees are not felled for the extraction of cork, but only peeled. A cork oak tree is over 200 years old and is peeled for the first time at the age of 25 for cork extraction. After that, the bark grows back and can be harvested again approximately every 9 years. Peeled up to 17 times, a single cork oak produces about 700 kg of cork during its lifetime, making it a true sustainability miracle!

    As a long-lived and evergreen deciduous tree, the cork oak absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide, among other things mainly responsible for global warming, during photosynthesis. The cork oak forests of Portugal, for example, absorb about 4.8 million of the world's 14 million tons of CO2 per year.

    The cork oak - an infinite raw material

    In Portugal, for example, the cork industry is one of the country's most important economic sectors, so it is accordingly heavily regulated and controlled. 23% of Portugal's forest area consists of cork oaks, which were declared the national tree in 2011. Due to the constant self-regeneration after peeling and the longevity as well as robustness of the cork oak, the raw material cork is almost inexhaustible and thus of a uniquely sustainable character. Even frequent forest fires in Portugal do not harm the cork oak population, as they are also largely resistant to fire. This is mainly due to the two layers of bark that each cork tree has. The outer layer, about 2 centimeters thick, protects the "emergency bark" underneath, which takes over the life-support measures for the cork oak in the event of a fire.

    Water repellent and robust - a really strong fabric

    People have been taking advantage of the extraordinary properties of cork since time immemorial. Even the Romans used cork as footfall insulation for their sandals, and in today's space technology, for example, cork is used as a heat shield. Cork is heat, cold and sound insulating, lightweight, buoyant, flame retardant, almost non-rotting, ageing resistant, easy to care for, decorative and a renewable resource! It almost looks as if nature had wisely adapted the properties of cork to human needs.

    Incredibly easy to care for - tips on cleaning and care

    Thanks to the water-repellent property of cork, cork fabric and cork leather, our cork products are extremely easy to clean. A damp cloth and a mild detergent are enough to clean the natural material and preserve its beauty. Afterwards, you can simply let the cork products air dry. At 30 degrees, you can even clean our cork twist-tab bags in the washing machine! And unlike leather, cork doesn't need to be greased regularly to maintain its natural shine.

    For conscious consumption

    Cork fashion and accessories are the perfect complement to your vegan and sustainable lifestyle. Durable and environmentally friendly products contribute significantly to conserving resources. Away from the throwaway society and towards conscious consumption is our motto. With us, terms like fair trade, slow fashion & eco-friendly are not just empty promises - join us!

    Tobacco bags for women & men

    In our large selection of tobacco bags ladies and gentlemen will find what they are looking for. A floral pattern for her or an elegant dark brown for him - at Simaru all smokers will find the right tobacco wallet. Thanks to the great variety, you can also choose several designs and customize your rotary bag to your outfit. Moreover, among Simaru tobacco pouches you will surely find the right gift for your smoker friends.

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