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    Belt - perhaps the oldest fashion accessory of mankind.

    Since man wrapped himself in clothes, he also used belts. Already at the end of the Neolithic period, belts adorned the waists and hips of our ancestors and were sometimes exquisite grave goods. In the Middle Ages, belts were, among other things, a symbol of power of the rulers of the time or a sign of marital fidelity. Later, belts replaced the suspenders of men and advanced to the sign of sporting success, such as in various martial arts.

    In short, belts have always been ubiquitous and throughout history fulfilled a variety of purposes. In our modern society, its practical purpose has been replaced in importance by the visual effect. Elegant & dainty, imposing & ostentatious, rough & natural - the look of a belt can perfectly accompany, even ennoble any outfit and at the same time gives the wearing person security & self-confidence.

    Leather belt - for extra strong hold

    Choosing the right belt starts with the material. Leather belts have always been popular because they are particularly robust, durable and reliable. Once you have found the right leather belt, it is often a faithful companion for a very long time.

    Durable & reliable

    Leather belts are not only used as a stylish fashion accessory, but also enjoy enormous popularity in many industries, especially in the crafts and in the outdoor sector. Whether carrying tools or even weapons in armies, leather belts must meet the highest standards and are tested daily for their durability and robustness.

    Tear-resistant, sturdy and durable, our Simaru leather belts are therefore also particularly popular as a fashion accessory.

    Sustainable & environmentally friendly

    Leather belt & nachaltig? For many people, this does not fit together at first glance. But on closer inspection, choosing a leather belt actually makes tremendous sense for a sustainable lifestyle. Our leather is vegetable tanned, and we make a point of not using harmful toxins like chrome or other substances during production. This not only helps the environment but also protects you as consumers from allergic reactions to harmful substances.

    However, the biggest positive environmental factor is the high quality and durability of our leather belts. Quality has its price, but a fair price is very important to us. And if you buy a high quality leather belt that doesn't give up the ghost after a few months or 1-2 years like other belts, you contribute to counteract the throwaway society and increasing CO2 emissions. Less consumption means less production and therefore less damage to the environment. So say yes to slow fashion and no to bad products with a short half-life!

    Real natural look

    High quality genuine leather & natural leather is easy to distinguish from inferior make, because it still looks like real nature even after years! The typical leather smell, the special feel of the leather and the trendy vintage look - all this will make your leather belt from Simaru stand out from other products. You care about nature and the environment and a considerate approach to animal products? With our responsibly produced and at the same time stylish leather belts you can ideally express your attitude towards life!

    Tips for proper leather care

    Leather belts are like leather shoes: With proper care, you can extend the durability many times over and thus enjoy your belt even more. For the care of leather belts, you should only use high-quality care products suitable for leather, so that the outstanding properties of the leather remain as long as possible flawless.

    Leather grease is still one of the best means for leather care. Regular greasing of leather maintains its structure and above all ensures that your belt remains supple. The magic formula here is "less is more": Simply apply a thin layer of colorless leather cream with a cloth and move the belt slightly. This way, the grease is absorbed into the pores of the leather and doesn't just stick uselessly to the surface. After greasing, you can wipe the leather belt with a dry, soft cloth or rag.

    Important: Even rarely worn leather belts should be maintained so that the material retains its suppleness. For this purpose, the leather belt should also be rolled up regularly, otherwise it can become brittle and fragile.

    In addition, leather belts should not be cared for immediately before wearing and rubbed with leather agent. It is better to treat them the day before or the evening before. Since leather needs moisture from time to time, it is recommended to hang the leather belt in the bathroom for 1-2 hours now and then after showering or bathing. Here the belt can ideally absorb a small amount of moisture, which is not contained in most conventional leather care products.

    High quality buckles

    The belt makes up the bulk of the belt, but its centerpiece is the belt buckle. With it, the belt is fastened, held together and is in the center of the belt mostly the first eye-catcher of the viewer. That's why our high-quality and sturdy zinc die-cast belt buckles are available in different designs to match the belt.

    Whether you prefer round, curved shapes or more angular, straight-lined models - with us you will find the right buckle for every belt and every outfit.

    The perfect size

    The choice of the right belt stands and falls with the length of the strap. With us you will find all common sizes from short to long and thus also the perfect size for you.

    A well-fitting belt should be neither too long nor too short and above all neither too tight nor too wide. If the belt strap is too short, i.e. only a small piece of the belt protrudes beyond the buckle, the person wearing it looks almost cramped and thus automatically more corpulent than he or she actually is. If the belt is too long and the strap dangles a whole piece beyond the buckle, the belt and thus the whole outfit often looks unaesthetic.

    Determine your belt length easily yourself

    If you are not sure what your belt size is, you can easily measure it yourself. For example, you can take a flexible measuring tape, pull it like a belt once through the loops of your pants or put it around your hips until the tape reaches once around your body. Now you simply choose the belt size that comes closest to your hip circumference and you're done!

    If you don't have a flexible tape measure at home, you can alternatively just use an old belt. With a folding rule or other measuring device you measure the length from the inner end of the buckle to the hole or the place on the belt with the biggest wear marks. This is where your old belt will probably have fit you best. Small hint: If the first or last hole is the most frequently used place on the belt strap, you should check again to be sure that it is still the right length or that you could wear the belt tighter or wider.

    Combine individually

    Our belts are as individual as the people themselves. In our online store you can easily combine leather straps and belt buckle as you like. First select your leather belt in your preferred color, choose the right size and finally the buckle and your very own Simaru leather belt is ready.

    Ladies and men belts

    In our Simaru store there are leather belts for both men and women. Small differences in the width of the belt, different designs of the buckles and of course different colors. Whether classic black leather belt for men or elegant light brown leather belts for women - we leave nothing to be desired.

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