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    "Igaldad para la mujer en el Alto": Wear our fashionable bracelets and support single mothers in Bolivia

    Our bracelets are made in Cuidad el Alto La Paz in Bolivia at 4000 meters above sea level. All artisans involved participate in the project "Igaldad para la mujer en el Alto". The aim of this project is to provide single women with a good income and flexible working hours.

    The difference in income between women and men for the same work still exists in Bolivia. The project allows women to earn more than a man and still be there for the family. This is only possible because we have particularly trustworthy helpers in Bolivia who enable us to sell these handmade bracelets directly and because we ourselves are regularly in Bolivia. Our people there are family, so to speak. There are no middlemen. Napo, our local helper, is a full-time musician and receives no money for his help but German musical instruments in exchange (e.g. accordion, clarinet, violin). This barter is an important part of Bolivian indigenous culture and is called "AYNI" there.

    Another reason for the higher wages is that Aymara and Quechua women in the Andes have always been very talented and quick at handwork, because for the Indians handicrafts are a part of the tradition that is still very much alive. So we get very finely crafted jewelry, made in the traditional way, which we can pass on to you with a clear conscience.

    Wear our stylish bracelets too and support a social project that helps exactly where help is needed. Share the responsibility we have towards our employees and fellow human beings with us and simply click through our Simaru online store.

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